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Israelis Are The New Nazis? But We Palestinians LIKE Nazis

By Haj Mohammed Amin al-Husseini, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem

Amin al-HusseineOne of the key characteristics of a compelling political narrative is clarity: clear goals, clear demands, and a clear articulation of those goals and demands. But today’s Palestinian Arabs, and their supporters all over the world, compromise the clarity and justice of our noble cause by drawing analogies between the Nazis and Israel. They forget that we allied ourselves with the Nazis, and that I, as a leader of immense stature of the Palestinian national cause, repeatedly expressed my desire for the implementation in Palestine of a “Solution” along the same lines as the Nazis had for Europe’s Jews. It compromises our clarity.

We need not succumb to the perception that grew out of the unfortunate results of the Second World War, namely that Nazis are bad. We love Nazis! They were our friends! If there is one thing Mohammed Amin al-Husseni knows how to do, it is recognizing others’ loyalty (well more accurately, sniffing out alleged disloyalty, which I then punish without compromise). And the Nazis were as loyal to our cause as they could be. So please, stop confusing the issue by calling Israelis Nazis. You hurt me by identifying our enemy with some of the closest allies the Palestinian national movement ever had.

Remember, there were countless former Wehrmacht officers who helped train the Arab armies coming to our rescue after the Jews declared a state. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. If we believe our cause is just – and it has to be, given that the Jews, the enemies of humanity, oppose it – then we must not apologize for the way it is prosecuted, and we must not sow perplexity by reversing our admiration for, and desire to emulate, Nazis and their accomplishments vis-à-vis Jews.

But that is not where the rhetoric stops. It would be bad enough to abandon our admiration of Nazism and the Final Solution; but many of us, and our advocates, sow further confusion by calling our enemies Nazis, when the Nazis are supposed to be our friends! It’s a double-betrayal. And we all know what happens to traitors.

So let us have some clarity. I understand the temptation to generate sympathy in the West for our plight, and to engage the values that the West claims to support, but that way lies confusion. I am happy to report that a good number of today’s Palestinians still offer no apology for Hitler and declare their aim to emulate him. Would that we all possessed that clarity.

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