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Britain Apologizes To Balfour For Palestinians

“By tolerating, even endorsing, then nursing, the Arab victim narrative, Britain betrayed Lord Balfour’s vision.”

BalfourLondon, November 2 – In response to more than a year of Palestinian clamoring for an apology from Great Britain for the latter’s 1917 Balfour Declaration, the government of the United Kingdom issued a formal apology to Balfour for the Palestinians.

Prime Minister Theresa May and Minister of Foreign Affairs Boris Johnson signed the apology, which was delivered to the current Lord Balfour, as part of a process of atonement for the kingdom’s role in failing to uphold its commitments to the Jews as set forth in the 1917 letter, including policies that led to the formation of an entitled, violent, rejectionist, terrorist Palestinian ethos with a victim mentality.

Lord Roderick Balfour, grand-nephew of Lord Arthur James Balfour, received the apology letter in a formal ceremony at Westminster. The elder Balfour wrote the 1917 letter after successful diplomatic efforts by Zionist representatives to secure commitment to a Jewish homeland in the Holy Land from the soon-to-be-victorious main powers in the First World War: Britain, France, and the United States. The Declaration, as it has since become known, was later enshrined into international law at the 1922 San Remo Conference, but later abandoned by Britain as it sought to appease oil-rich Arab potentates and restive portions of the British Empire, then negated entirely by subsequent policies that lopped off most of the British Mandate of Palestine for what became the kingdom of Jordan, and restricted Jewish immigration to Palestine even as Nazi Germany annihilated most of Europe’s Jews.

“Her Majesty apologizes for Britain’s irresponsible policies in creating a Palestinian nation,” the statement read. “If not for the short-sightedness and political expediency that characterized successive British governments’ attitude toward Jews in their ancestral homeland, a troubled region could have achieved stability and prosperity long ago. Instead, Britain’s appeasement of Arab violence by imposing restrictions on Jewish rights only invited further violence by demonstrating its effectiveness.”

“Thus were planted the seeds of the modern Palestinian people,” it continued, “an entity that had no political existence prior to the 1960’s. Indeed, the term ‘Palestinian’ until 1948 referred to a Jew, and only later was adopted by opponents of Jewish sovereignty to refer to people whose main identity was never connected to a region called Palestine, but to clan, town, and perhaps ‘Greater Syria.’ By tolerating, even endorsing, then nursing, the Arab victim narrative, Britain betrayed Lord Balfour’s vision – not to mention the thousands of people killed because her policies invited Arab violence and rejection of Jewish legitimacy in the historic Jewish homeland.”

In an interview following the presentation, Minister Johnson told reporters Her Majesty’s government now viewed the entire issue as resolved, and expects never to hear anything about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict again.

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