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Something Important Apparently Happening In Qatar

“It looks like there are reports of stuff happening, or about to happen, or that might happen if something doesn’t change.”

Persian GulfDoha, July 2 – Some significant developments are going on in the Persian Gulf nation of Qatar, according to local sources whose job it is to notice such events.

Journalists on the ground in the Middle East commercial and media hub report that people are buzzing with something evidently important, and that has been occurring for a number of weeks. The journalists promised to provide more details as they become available.

“This is big,” stated Hugh Dope, a correspondent with WWUT News. “No one can stop talking about it – it affects everyone in a massive way. I’ll have more on this once more information is forthcoming on what exactly is happening.”

Other sources indicate the important developments are not restricted to Qatar. “It looks like there are reports of stuff happening, or about to happen, or that might happen if something doesn’t change, in Saudi media as well,” observed Klu Liss of Dissociated Press. “Our colleagues in Bahrain, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates indicate they’ve gotten wind of similar things. Clearly, we have a major story here.”

Foreign diplomats also expressed anxiety over the developing situation, and reportedly held intensive consultations with both local staffers and officials in their home countries, another sign that the thing that is happening carries weight in international circles. “This thing has been claiming our attention for a good couple of weeks now, after being more or less on the back burner for a long time before that,” offered one diplomat. “It’s going to have consequences.” The diplomat declined to elaborate further.

Previous incidents in the region have generated similar levels of activity, leading to a restored status quo ante, a situation that some observers foresee recurring. “You know how things are around here,” argued an analyst. “Things happen, then others react, and you get a reaction to the reaction, sometimes an overreaction, and the media go nuts, especially the state-run media, and then things continue more or less as they were before. I think that’s basically what happened here, but of course it’s the Middle East, which is always full of surprises. I think something important might happen, but it will take most analysts by surprise, and then they will spend the following several days explaining why they were wrong and why you should believe them next time anyway.”

“Anyway, this thing that’s happening might be big, but it also might blow over, and the only part of it that’s guaranteed is that we pundits will prattle on about it no matter what,” he added.

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