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Those Sons Of Apes And Pigs Must Stop Dehumanizing Us

By Saeb Erekat, Palestinian Negotiator

ErekatThe key to Israeli-Palestinian peace lies with the people, not with the politicians. A stable, lasting accord must be based in mutual respect for the other’s sovereignty and human dignity. That is why those descendants of apes and pigs must cease their dehumanization campaign against the Palestinian people.

Whether or not negotiations between us and Israel are taking place – and we all know whom to blame for the current impasse – they will only succeed, when they eventually resume, if each side sincerely commits to portraying the other as worthy of all the rights inherent in being human. That is the only way to guarantee that an agreement will be honored. Someone better beat that into the Israelis’ heads, because they, like most subhumans, only understand force.

It is merely one more arena in which Israeli hypocrisy abounds. They claim to want a negotiated solution, but reject negotiations predicated on a non-negotiated premise. They insist on universal access to holy places, but ignore the Muslim desire to deny that access. They build a barrier, ostensibly to keep out “terrorists,” but ignore its deleterious impact on the Palestinian suicide bomber industry, knowing that literally dozens of families of such bombers depend on Palestinian Authority pensions for their livelihood – at the same time painting a society that engages in such attacks as barbaric. Characterizations of anyone as less than fully human must stop, and the first ones to stop must be those simian, porcine Jews.

On top of that, It is positively dishonest to establish a Jewish homeland in a country already inhabited by other people. Conquest can never be a legitimate means of establishing political control, which is why the world continues to object to the Israeli occupation of territories that began in 1967, following 19 years of Jordanian occupation of the same areas that everyone must not have noticed. The conquest of Palestine, as a conquest, is ontologically illegitimate, and can never undo the legitimate conquest of the land by Arabs in the seventh century.

There is also the matter of racism. Israel wishes to define itself as a Jewish State, which discriminates against Muslims, who have fewer than two dozen other countries that explicitly define themselves as Muslim. A fair solution, from our perspective, would be two states: one Palestinian, defining itself as Muslim and Arab; and another, specifically barred from defining itself as anything other than Muslim and Arab.

Israeli efforts to undermine Palestinian legitimacy know no bounds. It is immoral to undermine any nation’s legitimacy, and our representatives continually say so as they attend events and support organizations working to undermine Israeli legitimacy.

Enough is enough. The sons of apes and pigs must not be allowed to engage in dehumanization.

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