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Gerbils Who Caused Black Death Hiding Out In Israel

If confirmed, the link will add to a long list of animals used by Jews and Zionist to weaken their opponents.

You can even see the hook-nose.

You can even see the hook-nose.

Somewhere near Qalqiliya, January 3 – With their cover finally blown and their role in the spread of the bubonic plague know widely known, the rodents who long evaded detection as the pandemic’s vector are now concealing their identities and location in Israeli territory, among the people once accused of causing the disease in Europe by poisoning wells.

For centuries, the culprit in the spread of the plague was thought to be the black rat, whose fleas were long supposed to carry the pathogen. However, more recent climate studies pointed to the impossibility of the rat as the carrier of the disease, and indicated the gerbil as the responsible genus. A study published last year announced the discovery, but only in recent weeks has word spread of the gerbil’s complicity in the deadliest outbreak of disease in history, causing the animal to flee to Israel and seek shelter from enemies among a population also known for being on the wrong end of such accusations.

In the fourteenth century, the bubonic plague, also known as the black death, killed off about two thirds of Europe’s population. While Jews suffered the disease’s ravages as much as everyone else, the panic sown by the mysterious outbreaks fed the already-acute suspicion and hatred for Jews, resulting in massacres across the continent. The most common accusation leveled at the Jews was poisoning wells, the absurdity of which failed to dissuade the Christian majority from killing the Jews who used the same groundwater as everybody else, and were dying at similar rates. Now, however, given the apparent refuge being given to the direct culprits in the Jewish State, historians are taking another look at the once-dismissed link between Jews and the Plague.

“It was perhaps naive to think the medieval Europeans would be knowledgeable enough to arrive at an accurate accusation,” said Dr. Saeb Erekat, a Palestinian epidemiologist. “The Germ Theory of Disease was only developed in the nineteenth century. But what the discovery regarding gerbils tells us is that while they were wrong to accuse the Jews of poisoning wells, they might well have identified the culprit.”

If confirmed, the link will add to a long list of animals used by Jews and Zionist to weaken their opponents. Most recently, official Palestinian Authority media again accused Israel of releasing wild boars to destroy Palestinian farms, but the Jews have similarly been accused of sending sharks, birds of prey, and dolphins, among other creatures, to wreak havoc and destabilize the enemy.

In the case of gerbils, at least, Dr. Erekat notes that despite the flight of many gerbils into Israeli territory, it is likely that a good number of gerbil biological warfare agents remain imprisoned in kindergarten classrooms throughout the world, and might yet be able to coordinate an attack. He called on the international community to be vigilant. “Remember, these creatures are merciless, and even eat their own babies,” he warned. “There’s no telling what atrocities they have planned for the rest of us.”

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