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Toddlers Declare Day Of Rage Over Suspension Of Free Access To Snacks

“NONONONONONONONOOOOOOO,” explained a spokestoddler.

angry childHod HaSharon, July 20 – A group of two-year-olds at a local day care center have registered their objections to the removal of unlimited junk food by announcing that tomorrow they will hold a “day of rage” against the authorities for imposing such an unjust situation on them.

Eleven toddlers at Mishpachton Rinat on Yeshurun street in this small city northeast of Tel Aviv decided to express their displeasure at a new lock on the facility’s pantry, and the accompanying institution of a new policy that snacks will be distributed in a more measured, healthy fashion. The new policy also includes closer adult supervision of the snack consumption, amid safety concerns, a consideration that the toddlers call a pretext for an unwarranted assertion of control.

“NONONONONONONONOOOOOOOO,” explained a spokestoddler for the group, throwing a toy truck at a caregiver. His friends joined in, propelling various materials and objects toward the facility staff. Several toddlers were placed in a time out.

Issues of control have emerged before at Mishpachton Rinat, over the use of certain toys and the locations in which the children may play with them. Over time, argued Bar, aged 26 months, the arrogance of the staff has only increased, as if the two or three caregivers think they run the place.

“Mine!” he insisted. “Mineminemine!”

Authorities have noticed an uptick in biting, scratching, and pinching incidents. “It must be the weather,” surmised Rinat Goldblum, who runs the day care center. “It’s been really warm and everyone’s cranky. You know how toddlers can be. We’re cutting back on sugary things, because of health concerns, and because some parents are worried about their kids’ teeth.”

“That means we’re giving the kids water instead of fruit juice – that is, sweetened, artificially flavored and colored drink in a concentrated syrup – and restricting their intake of snack foods,” she continued. “I’ve been running this operation for twenty-five years, but recently, parents have begin making all sorts of demands they never used to: whole grain this, sugar-free that, and all sorts of other requirements that take some getting used to.”

“And that’s for me and my staff. You can just imagine how tough it is on a little kid to have to suddenly deal with not having lots of snacks on hand. Small wonder the little ones might have a problem adapting to the new menu and regime. Change is tough for immature people, no matter how necessary or helpful the change. I expect the next few days to be tough, but we’ll manage.”

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