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Hamas Boasts It Has More Rockets That Can Fall Short And Kill Gazans

“Watch the Zionist cower in fright as we unleash the power of our rockets on our own people.”

Gaza ruinsBeit Lahiya, March 3 – The militant Islamist movement that runs the Gaza Strip bragged this afternoon that it has more than replenished its supply of rockets since the last war with Israel in 2014, and now possesses tens of thousands of the explosive projectiles capable of misfiring and hitting inside the Gaza Strip instead of across the border in Israel.

Hamas spokesman Mahmoud al-Zahar boasted to a delegation of visiting dignitaries that despite a naval blockade and restrictions on the goods that can be imported into the coastal territory, the organization has managed to replace the arsenal of rockets depleted or destroyed before and during Israel’s Operation Protective Edge that summer. With the stockpile of rockets up to full strength, he exulted, the movement’s capacity to cause death, injury, and destruction to residents of the Gaza Strip with weapons that fall short of their intended targets has been fully restored.

“Let the enemy not test us, for he will feel the blow of our mighty hand,” crowed al-Zahar. “Watch the Zionist cower in fright as we unleash the power of our rockets on our own people. Of course we will then claim it was an Israeli attack that caused the casualties and damage, and the international media will take us at our word.”

“Our willingness to deploy these weapons is the key to ridding holy Palestine of the Zionist usurper,” he continued. “We will continue to fire the rockets at our disposal, killing however many of our own people in the process, because you can’t make a sacred omelet without breaking some eggs, or something like that.”

Military analysts called the organization’s declaration a threat not to be taken lightly. “We know Hamas is not afraid to take extreme measures,” warned Ron Ben-Yishai, a defense commentator for the newspaper Yediot Aharonot and its online edition, Ynet. “Israel has to take seriously the prospect of Hamas rockets – or rockets fired by other terrorist groups in Gaza with Hamas’s permission – falling short and killing Palestinians. The question is, how many Palestinians killed by Hamas is Israel willing to absorb in the course of conflict? In the end that is as much a political question as a military one, and the country’s leadership will have to gauge whether a military campaign is worth the risk.”

A spokesman for the United Nations Human Rights Council dismissed the reports of al-Zahar’s braggadocio. “It doesn’t matter – everything is ultimately Israel’s fault anyway. This is just a stupid detail,” he spat.

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