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I Think The Reunion For My Suicide Bombing Class Will Be Lightly Attended

By Semtek Siffor, Jihadist

ArabI love reunions. Even if you’re the kind of person who stays in touch with the people in your class after graduation, having everyone gather in one place to reconnect more directly and to reminisce, to catch up on things, can be very special. But I’m concerned that there won’t be many people at the reunion of my suicide bombing class, and that depresses me.

There were seventeen of us in the class, back in Raqqa in 2014. At least four of the guys were never heard from again within a week after we finished, but I confess I never got to know them well in the first place. They were quiet, dedicated, studious types. Me, I was never very good at technical things, or even following instructions, so I guess they moved on to bigger and better things, but I never quite made it as a career suicide bomber.

I even started a Facebook group just before graduation so that the guys could maintain a connection, keep one another updated on family, education, career, that sort of thing. Five guys joined, but the last post in the group from anyone other than me is at least two years old. They used to post photos of Yezidi and Christian girls, which I guess is their idea of memes, and there was definitely one farewell message in the mix, but the group is effectively inactive now. I still check every couple of weeks in case one of my old buddies decides to pop back in, but maybe they’ve forgotten. People can get really busy with their lives.

What I most miss, though, is the camaraderie we had back then. A shared purpose. A focus. People bond in a strong way when they’re working together in pursuit of a shared goal. It was quite a feeling. Haven’t quite felt like that since then, and I would love to get together with the guys in my suicide bombing class to renew that bond. I tried tracking down a few of my other classmates, with no success. Do any of the others feel the same way about our group? I’m sure it’s perfectly normal to long for a simpler time, for when we were younger and idealistic. I just can’t figure out why I seem to be the only one in my class like that.

Hmm. Maybe they’re more Instagram people than Facebook people. I should check that out.

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