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If You Ethnically Cleanse An Area Of Jews They’e Not Allowed Back In

By An Expert On International Law Whose Conclusions Suit Your Sensibilities

justiceIt should not be difficult to arrive at a simple understanding of the status in international law of the territories Israel took in the 1967 war. All one needs to do is apply the proper overriding principles, and thereby determine whether those territories are disputed, as Israel claims, or occupied, as most others do. I am happy to inform you that I and my myriad colleagues have examined the legal literature and precedent, and found the one overarching principle that clearly demonstrates the territories are under occupation: once an area is ethnically cleansed of Jews, as the Gaza Strip, West Bank, and East Jerusalem were in 1948, Jews lose their claim to the land, and can never reclaim sovereignty. The same does not apply to anyone else.

This principle helps explain the dominant international approach to the Occupied Territories. Jordanian legionnaires and local Arab irregulars expelled all the Jews from the areas they conquered, or forced their evacuation before the imminent arrival of enemy fighters: the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem, the Shimon HaTzaddik neighborhood to its northwest, the Etzion Bloc to Jerusalem’s south, Jenin, Kfar Darom, and multiple other sites that had held Jewish communities. Then, once the armistice was concluded in 1949, Jews must never be allowed back.

Contrast that, appropriately, with the approach to dispossessed Arabs, the refugees and their descendants. Who in their right mind would contend that once removed from their lands, they have no further claim? Only someone who seeks to undermine the cause of millions of Palestine Refugees, and we know who you are. Know this: Palestinians are not Jews, who can be dispossessed and left to the dogs. See: the Hebron Jewish community before and after 1929.

One might also argue under this principle that once Jewish sovereignty ceased in the area in 70 CE, no reconstitution of a Jewish State has any meaning or legitimacy, and no Jewish territorial gains, whether obtained in a defensive war or not, may stand. Even so, the UN did accept Israel as a member in 1949, making an exception to this rule. But no one would argue that once Arabs have been pushed out of control, as in 1948 or 1967, that they may never return to control the area. Such a contention would be unthinkable – but only because the Arabs are not Jews.

Use this simple guideline and your understanding of the applicable international laws will become clear. Oh, also, the Jews can’t go back to Europe. Europe worked pretty hard to get rid of them, and that wouldn’t be fair.

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