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Nutjob Racists Side With Us. Checkmate, Zionists

mustacheBy Ali Qawasmeh

For years, the pitched rhetorical battle for public opinion has waged, between the supporters of freedom, liberty, human rights, and everything good, and the Zionists. Somehow the evil Zionists managed to hoodwink enough influential people into supporting them. But now that Donald Trump’s campaign, a slew of American academics, and various British politicians have all seen a rise in outspoken, unapologetic, foaming-at-the-mouth  Jew-hatred, the tide will turn. This is the endgame.

Checkmate, Zionists. Nutjob racists side with us.

To be sure, the nutjob racist voice has always existed, and has always been visible to those looking at the fringes of Western society. It has even weighed in on the Arab-Israeli conflict, if incoherently, given that there is no uniform view among nutjob racists whether Arab antisemitism should be harnessed in the fight against the Jews, or should be dismissed as coming from mere Arabs. But now that Donald Trump’s campaign has empowered the bigots to speak their minds, in the age of social media, it has now become clear that there are many, many more nutjob racists in the West than anyone had expected. This revelation has important strategic implications for the struggle to liberate the Middle East – and the planet, ultimately – form the Jewish Zionist scourge.

Until now, the ravings of Louis Farrakhan, of David Duke, of other extremists, could be waved away as unrepresentative and of marginal importance. But as anti-immigrant sentiment has come to the fore unfiltered, other haters have become emboldened. Numerous Trump supporters proudly anticipate the day their leader will deal with the Jews controlling this and that. The willingness of these brave people to step out into the open and embrace an element of our cause may well tip the balance in our favor. Zionists, the lunatics are against you. You have been warned.

It matters not that these Trump supporters seem not to realize, or care, that his daughter Ivanka converted to Judaism and married a Jew, making some of Trump’s grandchildren Jewish. The point is that they are willing to trumpet (see what I did there?) their true feelings, and their true feelings dovetail with ours. It is only a matter of time before the increasing numbers of deranged bigots form a critical mass that finally enables us to wrest control of the Jews’ future from the hands of the Jews themselves.

So to the Jews and Zionists, I say, prepare for the end. The moonbats on both ends of the political spectrum have been unleashed as well as unhinged. The end is nigh. To deny that would be, well, crazy.

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