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Opposition Fumes: AG Refuses To Investigate Netanyahu Culpability In London Fire

“What does he think he is, some objective personality?”

Credit: Natalie Oxford via Wikimedia Commons

Credit: Natalie Oxford via Wikimedia Commons

Jerusalem, June 19 – Lawmakers from several Opposition parties in the Knesset voiced anger today at the Attorney General for not opening an inquiry into Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu over possible involvement in the London blaze last week that left dozens of people dead.

Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit has not initiated an investigation into Netanyahu’s guilt in the Grenfell Tower fire that claimed the lives of at least 79 people last Wednesday, with more still missing. Politicians from Meretz, Labor, HaTnua, and the Joint List alliance blasted the Attorney General’s inaction and called it yet another manifestation of his partisan refusal to take proper measures against the prime minister who appointed him.

“Everyone knows who ultimately carries blame for every problem, every misfortune,” declared an exasperated Ilan Gilon of Meretz. “It’s axiomatic. That is what makes Mandelblit’s refusal so mind-boggling. On top of the corruption he’s supposed to be investigating, but for some reason that eludes me has not recommended police action, he must now investigate Bibi for dozens of counts of criminally negligent homicide. What does he think he is, some objective personality? Those are no longer relevant in the postmodern world of the narrative. And our narrative deems Bibi a criminal. Act, Mandelblit!”

Labor leadership Hopeful Erel Margalit cast Mandelblit’s inaction in even starker terms. “Protests have been going on in front of the Attorney General’s house for months now,” he recalled. “And just the other day one of the protesters held up a sign calling him a traitor. I used to think such language was out of bounds, considering that in the popular consciousness – that is, in the consciousness of the left and the media, which is what counts – such rhetoric led to the assassination of Rabin. But now I’m not so sure we should be so restrained in our speech.” He cited the example of the gunman who shot Congressman Steve Scalise last week, and suggested that liberal activism might still legitimately include political violence. “It’s for the right cause,” he explained.

For members of the Joint List, expecting Mandelblit to act against Netanyahu on the Grenfell fire is a lost cause. “He won’t even investigate the man for war crimes for allowing Jews to defend themselves,” observed MK Jamal Zakhalke. “I join my colleagues in demanding that the Attorney General investigate the monster Netanyahu, but at this point it’s little more than a formality. Wake me when someone in that position starts treating Palestinian lives as worth more than Jewish ones, and we’ll talk.”

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