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Palestinian Ancestry Traced To Khazars

There is a direct male lineage traceable in seventy-five percent of Palestinians to the Khazars.

Khazar KhaganateStockholm, August 10 – In what scholars are calling an upheaval in demographic research, a new study has determined that the modern Palestinian population descends from a southeastern Europe and Central Asian group, and not, as is widely assumed or claimed, from Arabia or ancient inhabitants of the Levant.

An article in the upcoming issue of the journal Genetics reports the findings of a group of researchers from the University of Stockhom, who claim to have identified a genetic marker on the Y chromosome among three quarters of Palestinian men that matches a mutation traced to Khazaria, an early-medieval kingdom that ruled portions of modern-day Ukraine, Russia, the Caucasus, and surrounding areas. Conventional sources to date have placed Palestinian origins as the Hejaz region of the Arabian Peninsula, whereas political rhetoric has been characterized by claims of Palestinian indigenous roots in the Levant, as part of efforts to assert a more ancient claim to the land than that of the Jews. If confirmed, he new study threatens to upend traditional notions of Palestinian ethnicity.

“It is certainly a topsy-turvy conclusion, from a conventional point of view,” admitted lead article author Dr. Stürren Dippaht. “But the data fit. There is a direct male lineage traceable in seventy-five percent of Palestinians to the Khazars.”

Even more surprising than the non-Middle-Eastern origins of Palestinians, noted Dr. Dipphat, is that for many years Palestinians an their supporters have specifically touted Khazaria as the birthplace of Ashkenazi, or European, Jewry, a notion with questionable genetic evidence at best, in order to diminish Jewish claims to the Holy Land by denying them a coherent peoplehood. “As with many, many claims against Israel and Jews, it appears that here, too, Palestinians have been indulging in projection of their own characteristics,” he noted.

The process by which the ancestors of the majority of today’s Palestinians reached the Middle East still requires elucidation, but the team has consulted with historians who assured them of its plausibility. “Significant migration of Muslims from the Balkans took place at the beginning of the Zionist period in Palestine, attracted by an improving economy,” explained Professor of Balkan History Turnaboutis Pherplei of the University of Cambridge. “Many of the inhabitants of Khazaria more than a thousand years ago migrated westward into what is now Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria, and the various republics that once made up Yugoslavia. It’s certainly possible that the bulk of those who migrated to the prospering Palestine that the Zionist pioneers brought about came from Khazar stock.”

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