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Sarsour Promises Vaginas Confiscated From Hirsi Ali, Gabriel To Ahed Tamimi

The Tamimi clan has yet to offer a formal response; the couple was too busy fielding expressions of support for cousin Ahlam, accomplice to the slaughter of 15 people in a 2001 bombing.

Linda SarsourTel Aviv, January 23 – A prominent Palestinian-American activist who styles herself a feminist leader has amended her desire to confiscate the lady parts of two women whose politics she opposes with an offer to provide those organs to a Palestinian adolescent currently in Israeli custody for assaulting an IDF soldier.

In March 2011, the Islamist Sarsour tweeted a now-deleted message asserting in crude terms that activists Brigitte Gabriel and Ayaan Hirsi Ali deserve to be beaten, and that she wished she “could take their vaginas away. They don’t deserve to be women.” The new addendum to that sentiment, tweeted over the weekend and also since deleted, adds that should she succeed in engineering the removal of the women’s genitalia, the latter would be gifted to more deserving entities, such as violent Palestinian teenage activist Ahed Tamimi.

The Tamimi clan, a darling of human rights organizations such as Amnesty International and Btselem, has yet to offer a formal response to Ms. Sarsour’s offer. A spokesman for the family, headed by father Bassem and mother Nariman Tamimi, told reporters that the couple was too busy at the moment fielding expressions of support for their cousin Ahlam in Jordan, an accomplice to the slaughter of 15 people in a bombing at a Jerusalem pizzeria in 2001.

Sarsour, since the 2011 tweet, has gained further prominence nationally as a leader of the Women’s March movement and a defender of a woman’s “right” to wear a hijab, a garment that in Islamic societies women have no choice but to wear. More recently she stoked further controversy by stating that one could not be both a Zionist and a feminist, prompting outrage from Zionist feminists whose society has integrated feminism to a degree no Islamic society has ever achieved.

Analysts note that the amended offer illuminates a familiar aspect of anti-Israel rhetoric, in that it gives nonchalant endorsement to activities that would invite accusations of barbarism, oppression, and ethnic cleansing if Israel were to engage in them, and in fact Israel faces constant libel regarding such behavior – in this case, the harvesting of organs and body parts.

“Imagine a figurative, off-the-cuff comment from any Israeli official, no matter how obscure, to similar effect,” posited Channel Two commentator Zayyen Tamoakh. “Every human rights, pro-Palestinian, and left-wing group on the planet would be all over it as confirming suspicion of what Israel’s most rabid detractors have been claiming for some time, or they would be denouncing it as ‘inhumane’ or ‘dehumanizing’ of Palestinians. But when Linda Sarsour says it, that’s fine. Just so we’re all clear how this works.”

Mr. Tamoakh also noted that Ms. Ali, the target of Ms. Sarsour’s 2011 tweet, already did have hers removed by force, as she underwent ritual genital cutting as a child in Somalia. Ms. Sarsour has yet to elaborate on how she intends to locate and deliver Ms. Ali’s severed body parts.

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