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Why Can’t Gays Just Enjoy The Thrill Of Plummeting From The Rooftop?

By Aiwil Qilfag, Gaza Strip Imam

Credit: مالهوترا via Wikimedia Commons

Credit: مالهوترا via Wikimedia Commons

I do not understand you people who object to our treatment of homosexuals. What we do to them is very similar to things that you Westerners pay to have done to you, such as when you go to amusement parks or bungee jumping. Only the landing is different. Why do you assume what we are doing is cruel? Who are you to say that gays do not enjoy plummeting from rooftops? I have certainly never heard any of them complain about it afterwards.

I have seen footage of your roller coasters and your free-fall rides at Six Flags. I have seen what wealthy Westerners do for thrills. It matches very closely with what we do to homosexuals in Gaza, just without all the fancy equipment and pageantry – which I’m sure we could have if the Zionist blockade were not so stifling. You have your way of throwing people down several stories. We have ours. Stop accusing us of barbarity when you engage in the same behavior with only subtle differences.

Certain people might not relish the impending descent at great speed, but that is all part of the experience, as I’m sure I need not tell you. The adrenaline rush that precedes the drop is a key element of it. Why else would you pay good money to do it? So despite their protestations and resistance, I find it hard to believe that the homosexuals we hurl from rooftops do not enjoy the journey downward.

As for the small minority of folks who genuinely do not like roller-coaster-type rides, and avoid them, they have the choice of not doing anything that would get them accused of homosexuality. No one forces you to pursue same-sex liaisons. Doing so is tantamount to demanding you be subjected to our version of bungee jumping. That should be pretty clear by now.

As I noted above, if homosexuals object to being thrown off rooftops of tall buildings, you would expect that those who have undergone the experience would speak up. But not a single one has. And don’t you go accusing us of silencing those voices – in Gaza we enjoy robust freedom of expression for any opinion that echoes the official Hamas line. No one has ever intimidated into silence a homosexual who has been blindfolded, bound, and hurled onto the asphalt below. To accuse us of violating the right to free expression is doubly insulting.

So please stop with your false accusations. That is entirely our domain.

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