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Abbas Appeals For Calm, More Killing

“Violence is not our way,” stressed Abbas. “Now go forth and defend Jerusalem with all your might, for every drop of blood spilled there is sacred!”

Abbas at daisRamallah, October 7 – Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas attempted to reduce tensions with Israel today after more than a week of deadly violence, calling on his people to halt the escalation and to keep killing Jews.

In a televised address to the Palestinian people, Abbas stressed the importance of maintaining stability and order, and of offing as many Jews as possible by whatever means, including stabbing them, running them over, shooting them, stoning them, or even lynching them, as nearly occurred this morning (Wednesday) in Jerusalem. A calm situation, stressed the president, should remain their goal, and in the process of restoring calm, the Palestinian people should seek the deaths of Jews by whatever methods present themselves.

“Violence is not our way,” stressed Abbas. “Now go forth and defend Jerusalem with all your might, for every drop of blood spilled there is sacred! At whatever price, do not let the Zionist usurper place his filthy feet anywhere near Al Aqsa!” he declared.

Abbas contrasted the ways in which he and the Palestinians constantly pursue peace with the way Israel continuously undermines that pursuit. “Peace is our ultimate dream, the star that guides our every decision,” he intoned. “It stands above all other values, and moves us to compromise where we otherwise would fight. The quest for peace illuminates our path and leads us to refrain from incendiary rhetoric and behavior. Unlike those devils the Jews, whose rapaciousness and evil know no bounds, and whose very presence must drive one to kill! Kill! Kill!”

The president continued by noting that it was not only Jerusalem that requires calm, but cities such as Lod and Jaffa could use a break from the violence and tension plaguing them in recent days. “To my brothers in Jaffa and Lod, we encourage you to take steps to de-escalate the situation, to eschew violent acts and inflammatory word so as not to present the dog-Zionist-Jew-pigs with an excuse to harm us. We salute our solidarity with Al Aqsa and welcome your efforts to destroy the occupier with sword and fire!”

Commentators note that the speech was consistent with Abbas’s moderate stance on Israel in contrast to that of Hamas and other radical groups. “Hamas would never couch these things in terms of peace,” said media analyst Joe Goebbels. “Their rhetoric is uniformly martial and blustery. What Abbas is doing here is toning things down, partly to show the Europeans and Americans that he really meant it when he told the UN last week that the Palestinians have a culture of peace.”

At press time, the number of Palestinian attacks on Israelis today had reached 145.

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