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Palestinians: Houston Flooding Caused By Open Israeli Dams

“Why should anyone be surprised that they would do the same to a US state with an actual city named Palestine?”

Credit: Jill Carlson via Wikimedia Commons

Credit: Jill Carlson via Wikimedia Commons

Houston, August 28 – Political and media figures in the Palestinian Territories have determined who lies behind the flooding in southeastern Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey: Israel and the dams it always opens around Gaza when the rainy season hits the eastern Mediterranean each fall.

Palestinian intelligence, political, and media officials contacted journalists stationed in the West Bank and Gaza Strip to apprise them of the revelation, and urged reporters to take the story to the headlines. Only public awareness of the common cause of American and Palestinian suffering can lead to a satisfactory resolution of the problem, they emphasized.

“Every year Israel opens dams and floods our farms and streets,” declared Fawzi Barhoum, a Hamas spokesman in Gaza. “Why should anyone be surprised that they would do the same to a US state with an actual city named Palestine? This is not a hard concept to grasp.”

“America should look at who always perpetrates such atrocities,” added Saeb Erekat from Ramallah. “I would advise my friends in the US not to stoop to divisive rhetoric, blaming slow responses or specific officials, since that is what the enemy wants. We Palestinians have been victimized by that scheme for many years – I just wish our rivals in Hamas would realize that and reconcile, which would let us beat them to a pulp once we take over the Gaza Strip again.”

“It’s not just divisions that the enemy sows,” warned Palestinian-American activist Linda Sarsour. “The confusion and uncertainty over what’s a true report and what’s either old news from the last time or an outright fabrication sows self-doubt and makes those who tout the latest ‘news’ look foolish when it turns out to be fake news. The dams around Gaza are magical disappearing dams that only exist long enough to be opened and flood the territory, but then when anyone looks for them, the dams are no longer there, and Palestinians look like fools. So Texans will have to watch out for the same sort of thing here.”

“You can’t trust every source, either,” she added. “It’s important to distinguish between media sources that renounce the imperialist paradigms of the Zionist-controlled¬†mainstream outlets and those that are still beholden to the imperialist agenda. You only know you’re getting trustworthy news about the Houston flooding when it comes from people who aren’t made to look like idiots for asserting that Zionists control the media.”

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