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Right-Wingers Are Meddling In Elections By Getting People To Vote For Them!

By Mossi Raz, Chairman, Meretz

Mossi RazListen up, people. We’ve got our work cut out for us if we’re going to increase our representation in the next Knesset. You can glory all you want in the manifest rightness of our politics, but we have to face one scandalous fact: the right-wing parties in this country intend to affect the outcome of elections by convincing people to vote for them.

Some of you may find this shocking, but the rest of us who have been in politics a little longer will feel no surprise at the deviousness of those scoundrels. By appealing to the desires and concerns of voters, the parties on the other end of the political spectrum aim to exploit the democratic system for their own gain. For that sake of all that is good and hopeful, we cannot allow that to happen.

Once upon a time, when the Left was in charge and peace reigned, we could afford to ignore the demagogy spewing forth from those… other people. But somehow, a loophole in the laws and regulations covering elections resulted in those parties attracting enough votes to take power and subvert democratic norms. What do such running dogs know of democracy? Who gave them any right to assert that their obviously corrupt worldview should be given any validity or sway? The electorate, unfortunately, does not know how to safeguard against such manipulations. Nor do the authorities. We must remain vigilant against any further attempts to get voters to vote for others.

Whether or not Bibi survives this term, whether or not this government survives until 2019, we can’t fool ourselves into thinking we can just waltz back into influence from holding only five out of a hundred-twenty parliamentary seats. We will remain stuck in the margins unless we can somehow prevent our political rivals from once again engaging in a “campaign” to hoodwink voters into thinking the wishes of the electorate have any bearing on who gets to lead.

This will be an uphill battle. All the more so given that we are not, at present, in power, and carry little influence outside the Supreme Court. But that small area where we do hold power can be leveraged to deny our rivals the sinister outcome they seek through such machinations as engaging the will of the voters and promising to fight for their expressed interests.

But all is not lost. Ideological purity will win the day! Just as soon as we can get the Court to invalidate any votes cast for other parties.

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