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SS Death Camp Guards Bristle At Being Called Antisemitic

“A guy can’t do his part in the Final Solution without getting assaulted by accusations of Jew-hatred.”

Auschwitz approachOświęcim, Poland, September 27 – Security personnel at the busiest of the extermination camps in the Third Reich echoed the sentiments of British Labour Party politicians this week, objecting to being characterized as antisemitic simply because they insult, marginalize, dehumanize, rob, brutalize, isolate, and kill Jews.

Guards, executioners, and administrative staff at the Auschwitz-Birkenau complex voiced displeasure today at being lumped in the popular conception with Jew-haters, accusing those who call them antisemitic of trying to silence discussion of how awful the Jews are. Their remarks came on the heels of statements by Labour figures Ken Livingstone and Ken Loach, who at a conference of the party this week lamented the facts that Holocaust denial was met with charges of antisemitism, and that bad-mouthing Jews as a group carries the automatic consequence of being called antisemitic.

“We know exactly what they mean,” declared Deputy Camp Commandant Dietrich Totenkopf, as he dispensed pellets of Zyklon-B cyanide into a gas chamber crammed full with Jews. “A guy can’t do his part in the Final Solution without getting assaulted by accusations of Jew-hatred. But we know the game. The Jew-controlled media is trying to silence anyone who disagrees with their agenda, let alone does something to combat it, by making it seem that such dissent could only come from fascist monsters.”

“It didn’t start just today,” observed Feliks Krematohr, a guard whose chief duties include beating to death any inmates who fail to stand at attention for the full roll call. “My brother-in-law was part of one of the Einsatzgruppen, the mobile Jew-killing squads, over in Lithuania last year, and as you can imagine, the Jews and their puppets won’t leave him and his colleagues alone. Charges of antisemitism can seriously damage a person’s employment prospects and career – and I’d bet anything that’s exactly what they’re trying to do, too. It’s nothing less than a denial of his rights. They can’t do that.”

Social activists and commentators have hesitated to remark on the extent of the accusations and their real-world effects, citing a lack of reliable data. “Of course it makes sense to be concerned that getting accused of antisemitism because one has abused, degraded, tortured, maimed, or killed Jews might adversely affect a person’s career or social standing,” explained analyst Leni Reifenstahl. “But I wouldn’t get too worked up about the scale of the accusations’ impact on future employment or economic and social prospects. If I understand correctly, once this war is over the US is going to do its best to welcome Nazis, ‘rehabilitate’ them, and co-opt them in the coming epic struggle against the Soviet Union for global hegemony.”

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